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Benefits of acquiring Australian Student Visa are manifold. Not only does it offer valuable knowledge from reputed Australian Education Institutions, but also helps improve English Language proficiency with legal work rights. Applying for Student Visa may also act as a forthcoming line of attack to get temporary or permanent residency in Australia.

How can I get a Student visa?

Your application for a student visa is considered in accordance to the legitimate requirements for evaluating the level within the visa subclass. Your Assessment Level is determined by the country of your passport, and the course you will be undertaking.

The lowest Student Visa Assessment Level is Assessment Level 1 and the highest Assessment Level 5. If your level of assessment is 2, 3, 4 or 5, your first student visa can only be obtained while outside of Australia.

If you have your main course of study packaged with a preliminary course, your student visa application will be evaluated under the visa subclass for your fundamental (main) course of study showed on the application and at the Highest Assessment Level of courses in your designated package (with exception of ELICOS course within the package).

You might also be eligible for streamlined visa processing.

To be eligible for streamlined visa processing, you must provide documentation (evidence) for confirmation of enrollment from the university where you are accepted to in an eligible course, at the time of your visa application. Eligible courses include Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees.
Candidates under the Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) Program are evaluated as a lower migration risk (similar to Assessment Level 1 applicants).

Visa sub classes in the education sector

There are 7 different types of student visas. The sub classes are based on the education sector of your main course:

Independent ELICOS


Vocational Education and Training

Higher Education

Postgraduate Research


AusAID or Defense

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