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Expenses to consider

When estimating your cost of living, consider these expenses at least:


Rent or mortgage costs

Food and groceries

Expenses involved in owning your own home – such as home and contents insurance, council rates and water rates

Utilities such as electricity, gas and water

Telecommunications, including telephone, mobile phone and internet access costs

Furniture and appliances.


The cost of buying, registering, servicing and running a vehicle

Car insurance

Public transport costs.


Clothing and shoes

Personal care and cosmetics

Medical costs and health insurance.


Education costs including school fees, books, uniforms, camps, excursions.



Debt expenses including repayments on personal loans, car loans, credit cards

Savings including superannuation contributions and regular investments

Pet food, maintenance and veterinary costs (if you have pets)

Take-away food and restaurants

Sports and hobbies

Entertainment including films, theatre, newspapers, magazines, books and music



Donations to charity.

Within the framework of Australia’s laws, all Australians have the right to express their culture and beliefs and to participate freely in Australia’s national life. Everyone is expected to uphold the principles and shared values that support Australia’s way of life. These include:

Other Services


FlightTravelling on a budget isn’t easy. We get that. That’s why we offer the best flight deals for you whether you’re after a one-way ticket, return flight, last-minute flight or round-the-world airfare. And, we’re not just for students, anyone can take advantage of our amazing airfare deals with a range of premium international and domestic airlines to practically anywhere you want to go! We have access to some of the cheapest domestic and international flights whether you’re after a quick city hop by plane or a long-haul flight to the other side of the globe.
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Hotel booking

You know where you want to go and what you want to do, now there’s that not-so- small(ish) issue of where to rest your head. we specialise in finding cheap accommodation located right where you want to be. We can assist you to book your accommodation online and get the most bang for your buck in Australia

Accommodation Packages

Hotels, Apartments and Villas

Holiday package

Cheap holiday package deals are like the all-you-can-eat buffets of the holiday world with everything you need for your vacations rolled into the one price.


Local Tour in Victory

Bluestone offers day tours in and around Melbourne where you get the personalised service you deserve. With the largest range of small group tours available you will be looked after with the comfort, style and attention.
With tours ranging from Melbourne City Highlights to the famous Great Ocean Road and everywhere in between, we have something for everyone. The smaller group size leads to a relaxed atmosphere allowing more interaction between all on board and allowing us to visit more destinations and spend quality time in each place.


Health Insurance

If you’re young and healthy, Blue stone has health insurance designed for you, so you can get covered for the important things without paying for things you’re unlikely to need.

Travel Insurance

Bluestone are able to cater for all types of travel, including annual multi-trip, single trip, long stay, backpacker, winter sports, golf and adventure travel insurance. Bluestone offers high levels of cover, instant quotes and represent excellent value for individuals, couples and families.

When considering the benefits of travel insurance, it is important to remember that:

Treatment at private medical centres (for example, in the event of an emergency) will not be covered unless you have medical insurance even if your country has a reciprocal health agreement with the one you are visiting.

Any trips to a doctor for non-urgent health problems and any prescriptions will not be covered without insurance.

If you need medical evacuation back to your home country, this will not be covered by any health care agreement other than travel insurance.

Medical treatment abroad can be very expensive.

Travel insurance will cover personal liability, if you accidentally cause injury or damage to others or their property and they sue you.

Tourists are common targets for criminals.